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Useful Links

Please Note:  These links are here for your benefit - not because I think they are the best or that I am promoting them in any way.


Weight Loss Sites

DVDs and Equipment

Arthitis Australia

US Center for Disease Prevention and Control / Obesity

Anne Burnell Fitness

Stronger Seniors DVDs and Aqua DVDs

NIH   Osteoporosis and  Related Bone Diseases  National Resource Centre

MSAA - Multiple Sclerosis  Association of America

National MS Society


Cancer Council  Australia

Motivation Contact Me

Mesothelioma Group

Mesothelioma Resource online

 Calorie Counter & Weight Loss App


Healthy Recipe Web Sites

Keeper of the Home

A Real Food site – full of great ideas

Running to the kitchen

Lots of gluten free/grain free recipes


Healthy, Tasty, and Simple Traditional Home-Cooked Recipes and Tutorials

National Fibromyalgia  and Chronic Pain Assiciation

Palio Grubs

Palio Grubs YouTube Channel

Diabetic recipes