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Obviously I shrunk – from 2002 to 2008 to 2009 to 2012- down in clothes size from 34 to 18/20 - but I have changed in so many other ways, and as my Doctor pointed out, all totally without any form of medical intervention (no stomach banding and no diet pills etc)!! All this has been accomplished with a healthy diet and exercise only!! I am often told its not possible without medical intervention of some form –

YES it is!!

 So what difference has all this made to me – I have become a totally different person – who is outgoing and totally comfortable in my own body!!

I could so easily have said “I can’t” but I didn’t, and look at what I gained – and I am so very happy about that  It is a story of “slow and steady” and of consistency – but in figures – so far I have lost in total 65kg (approx 143 lb) – and a total of  70” (177.8cm)– which adds up to losing the equivalent of a whole person - - but I have gained a “new” person too!!

I still have a ways to go! I have “trophies” from my “fat life” – my arms are very slowly shrinking but they are my trophies – reminders of where I have come from!! And the osteoarthritis in my leg joints, particularly my knees will never actually go – but in these last 3½  years, since I started Chair Exercises, I have lost a total of 30kg (66lb)  but more than that – my whole life has changed out of all recognition!!

I am maintaining my Blood sugar and blood pressure levels at “normal”

I am enjoying buying new clothes, mixing with people, going for coffee at pavement cafes, with friends with out having it in the back of my mind that people are “looking” or “talking” about me, or even making comments as they pass!!

And so many other things, too many to mention here.

There have been sacrifices, physical pain, frustration, glitches, hard work, exhaustion, and elation. I have run the gamut of my emotions – from the highs to the lows, but in the long run this life changing experience has all been so very worthwhile. Looking back on all the positive changes I have made my one regret is that I didn’t do it many years ago!!

I wrote the above in 2012 –

but unfortunately life had other things in store for me – in 2014 I became ill and lost all my mobility that I had worked so hard to gain – I started again trying to get some mobility back when I was ill again and lost the little mobility I had gained – so I started again – and gradually – so gradually I am doing more.  

One important point though – I only gained about 5kg – and I am controlling my eating to enable me to lose that

Don’t  let  this chance slip through your fingers, don’t put yourself in the position where in a few years time you regret not  taking action-  – grab it with both hands as I have and change your life around to a healthier lifestyle and in so doing  you will lose the weight you want to.  

 I am doing it –and if I can do it – surely you can too!!

Remember - you will never know unless you try - and if you don’t make that effort, you may regret it later!!

Remember - you will never know unless you try - and if you don’t make that effort, you may regret it later!!

My Story ……….  Continued.

Reasons to Exercise

So what difference has all this made to me?


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