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What Is “Healthy Living”?

Key Point 3 – Celebrate the Non-Scale Victories, Big or Small.

By combining a good balanced healthy diet in the right portions with activity and doing them consistently, weight loss will follow.  However there will be many other benefits that will not immediately be recognisable.   These are called Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

Very often these NSV’s aren’t counted but they are very important steps in re-gaining a “normal” life and freedom.  These NSV’s are even more important to those who are severely obese, chronically ill and/or mobility limited.  Often  medication creates weight loss problems for severely obese and chronically ill people whereas NSV’s can be seen and felt, so these NSV’s become even more important steps on their road to better health.

Some wonderful examples of NSV’s  noticed from consistent Chair Exercise can be seen here

More on NSVs including my own list of NSV’s can be found  here.

The sad thing is that often these NSV’s are things that younger, more  people take for granted and  I have even been laughed at by people who don’t understand the difficulties of being limited in mobility - but those same NSV’s are important to people working hard to regain a more normal lifestyle.

Key point 2 – Tracking Food and Exercise

Calories are important but that the balance of macronutrients is as important and the only way to be sure that meals and the days food is balanced and that one stays within the correct number of calories for you – is to use the Sparkpeople nutrition tracker in conjunction with the Sparkpeople exercise tracker – and to plan meals the day before – not after you have eaten too much unbalanced food

Key point 1 – Exercise

 Exercise is important to the body, and mind.  Exercise not only gives more mobility and flexibility – it helps in releasing stress.  However exercise comes in many forms and even without formal exercise, provided you remain active in some way – often throughout the day – then you will also maintain a certain fitness level.  Everyone can do some form of exercise

Key point 4 – Water

The power of water – pure water – it is necessary to the body functions, it is the “secret” ingredient in weight loss.  

I never go anywhere without a bottle of water goes with me!!  It does need to be drunk throughout the day though – not just when you remember and gulp, gulp!!


As well as drinking it, water is a wonderful exercise medium – especially for those requiring low or no impact exercise.

Key point 7 –  Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

The feeling of having maintained a steady weight loss for so long, all be it slow, is really empowering – to know it has been done with no medical intervention (neither operations, nor tablets – just consistently eating healthy fresh, minimally processed foods and exercise) and that I have gone against the “expected” trend  (in Australia only 17% of those who lose weight, keep it off or continue beyond 2 years, however in USA 95% to 98%  of dieters regain the weight within 5 years)  

It would be impossible to describe the change in my self-image that knowing with certainty that YOU CAN DO IT – has given me!!

The statistics may be against maintaining a steady weight loss and keeping that weight off – but

Why does that have to be so??

Why can’t you, as I have, go against these statistics?  

What have you to lose?? Nothing!!


What have you got to gain?  

A sense of pride in YOU, confidence in yourself, a healthy body and mind, mobility, flexibility, a happy family who aren’t always worried or embarrassed by you, and so very much more!!

Key point 5 – Using Unprocessed Foods

Fresh food is best, vitamins and other essential nutrients they supply can be obtained through pills – however the body  processes nutrients from foods far more efficiently than nutrients from pills.  Vegetables and fruits are very important in the body, but also the less processed they are the better they are for the body.  

There are many canned and processed foods available these days however the amount of “extra” things that are “hidden “in them can be huge.   Sugar, salt, fat, chemicals, and preservatives – all these “extras” are what causes the harm.   It’s also amazing how much the health of the body and mind improve with fewer additives in the diet.

Chair Exercise Videos Motivation

Getting balance in one’s life is important to Healthy living - without balance we tend to let one thing become dominant - to the exclusion of other things

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.

- Thomas Merton

Key Point 6 -