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A devotee of Chair Marching once wrote:

“This little exercise is portable and perfect anywhere. When I am waiting for the grand-children's school bus, I march in place behind the steering wheel. I keep small 2 pound hand weights in the van to add arm movements to the exercise. When I am at the movies theatre I skip the popcorn & soda but add my chair marching. The more exciting the movie, the better the workout because my marching is faster. While watching TV at home I make sure to do my chair marching. I have 8 pound hand weights by my television set to add arm movements to the TV exercise experience. When I am in the kitchen waiting on dinner to cook or water to boil I do my chair marching. When talking on the telephone I do my chair marching. Honestly, there is NO time that is not the right time to add chair marching to your routine. I've even done chair marching in church.

In conclusion, Chair Marching is free, easy, and fits into any busy schedule. There is no excuse not to exercise because you're "too busy".

Get BUSY getting fit!”


DAWNWATERWOMAN  on Chair Marching

Chair Marching is the simplest, most adaptable of Chair Exercises.  Almost anyone can Chair March – the extent they do it will vary but it’s something you can do anywhere, at any time while you are doing other things, and it needs no equipment or preparation, and costs nothing.

Chair Marching is basically marching in place while sitting on a chair.  Depending on the mobility level of the person starting Chair Marching I suggest starting by rocking your feet – heel toe, heal toe, always leaving part of the foot on the ground – and as you get more mobile then start “marching” rhythmically lifting feet off the ground knees bent, lifting your knees as high as possible, and then, start to modify the movements, maybe put on some music with a beat (though music is an optional extra) and move your feet forwards and backwards, sideways, lift your feet straight out, and back, lift feet straight out and bring back to  cross at the ankle then out again then back straight, even sit on an exercise ball and march while watching TV or using a computer – the variations are limitless – work out a routine to the music. And then bring your shoulders in to add to it, and arms – so the whole body gets a work out. You can even hold small hand weights in your hands as you work your arms.

Obviously the degree of effort depends on where you are at the time - you should see the looks I get when I “Chair March” in the shopping centre while waiting for the store to open!!

Australian Diabetes Council Video on Chair Exercise  which contains a small amount of Chair Marching can be viewed on their web site here

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What is “Chair Marching”

Getting the most out of your Chair Marching     cont

This is a very short demonstration of chair marching  - if you follow it please do each  section for longer than on the video