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Chair Exercise Videos

Look for opportunities to move

Physical activity has long been known to produce beneficial effects.  A number of recent research studies are now showing that small amounts of physical activity are cumulative throughout the day, and whatever physical activity we can do is worthwhile.

Nurture yourself

If we keep giving of ourselves without looking after our own needs, we may become resentful, frustrated and depressed.  As well as giving of ourselves to our families, our friends, our work etc.  We need to make sure we are doing things for ourselves.  It is very important to keep nurturing ourselves..


By looking at these videos you are agreeing that I cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of anything presented herein !!  I can only present articles to you, it is up to you to work out which are right for you in your personal situation.

 Paul Eugene - Latin Chair Dance

Here you go! Time to Latin Dance in a chair again. I felt like dancing and while letting my foot recover from a injury, I decided to do it from a chair. So come Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha and other dance moves from a chair. Have fun! Burn fat! Burn Calories!     http//


Many more Exercises suitable for people who are Mobility Limited  or have a Chronic Illness can be found in our YouTube Chair Exercise Channel just a click away

These videos are streamed from the Chair Exercise Team YouTube Channel and are changed periodically.

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