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I Have a Dream!!

The great Martin Luther King famously said this in his speech - on August 28th 1963.  He couldn’t have known how well known it would become.

So what has this to do with Healthy Living?  I think its got a lot to do with our attitude generally - and I find it particularly important for mobility limited people who are striving to achieve a goal.

Having a dream - something you really want - often something you really would like but think never in your wildest dreams could you ever have  - this is important because its something that you have to work towards.  And just maybe one day you will get that thing - if you never loose hope never loose site of that dream.

These days we want things now, or yesterday - we want instant and we tend to loose hope and forget about our dream, think its way beyond our reach so why bother.  

Not everything is instant, a lot of good things are worth working towards - and while we are working towards that thing we want most probably other smaller dreams will be fulfilled.

Its rather like setting goals, we set long term, medium term and short term goals - but these are things can work towards and we can achieve our goals,  where as our dreams are often secret to us - and more like a butterfly hovering

 just out of reach - something we want but never really think we will ever get.


Then boom! In 2014 I lost it all –and while I was lying in hospital and getting weaker and weaker I had a dream - it was this dream that kept me going - I dreamt that I would again do normal things, go back to Curves that I enjoyed so much and regain that mobility.

When I came out of hospital I used my walker and only by leaning heavily on it was I able to shuffle 10 - 12 steps   to the bedroom.  I had lost all the muscle tone, mobility, freedom and independence that I had worked so hard for.

Was it worth doing it all again , could I do it all again?

But there hovering just out of reach was my dream - that was 2 1/2 years ago.  Gradually and so slowly I worked towards regaining mobility - it was a struggle, life was a struggle but that dream was hovering there - and I was going to capture it.

I still use a walker and have difficulty walking more than 4000 steps, I cannot do stairs, and I tire very quickly - but  I am a lot more mobile than when I came out of hospital!!  

I had 2 big dreams - one was to be able to walk my dog to the running paddock over rough ground, walk up our gravel driveway, walk round our grassy acreage with grassy tufts with occasional yabby holes and maybe down on the foreshore or even on the beach - but pushing a normal walker on those surfaces is like pushing a 10 ton bus as I’m sure some of you realise.  

And my second dream is to be able to go back to Curves - but two things are stopping me at present - my mobility and strength level - I couldn’t handle the machines, and the cost. Though I am almost ready to go to the next level.

This week one of my dreams came true!!  

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In 2000 I decided to lose weight and become more healthy and mobile, I was fed up with having to take my scooter or walker everywhere.  And by 2011, I had indeed lost weight and was living an almost normal life, enjoying my freedom and independence that I gained from the weight loss and extra mobility.

This was taken on a trip down to Brisbane while walking round Roma St Parklands with a friend in 2013