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I Have A Dream ……..Continued

Yes it had help - in the form of my fairy godmother ,otherwise known as my Feros care manager,  but it came true because my care manager works closely with me as she does her other clients  and saw the effort I had made and was able to help me reach that next step.

So she arranged for me to get a new “All Terrain” walker - that will go over rough ground far more easily - so I can walk my dog on our acreage, I can even go to the beach again and walk on the sand!!  .

WooHoo - my new walker arrived yesterday - now I can get out in the paddock and walk the dogs and go up the gravel driveway and take Darcy on the beach!! I have been using a "normal" walker but its like pushing a 10 ton bus - unless you are on smooth concrete or surfaced ground!!  Because its an "all terrain" walker its great on our not so smooth paddock where we run the dogs - Its got much bigger wheels, with wider soft tyres rather towards balloon tyres and disc brakes so it stops and doesn’t try to run away with you on a downhill!! Its even got a water bottle holder (or coffee cup or wine bottle holder)    and a torch and holder - definitely the Rolls Royce of walkers!!

I have just been out and tested the new walker - going over to the dog run across the paddock which is rough with holes and tufts of grass - a normal farm type paddock in fact, and it ran over all that like it was running on a smooth surface!!  Goes easily up the gravel driveway too and getting in and out of the house is easy too since its got a curb hopper that lifts the front wheels to go up a curb or step and its light to lift if needed!!  Its exactly what I needed to give me that extra freedom.

Yes dreams can come true but for your dreams to come true - you need to have a dream that you can work towards, and work towards it, maybe over a length of time.  Then you can say


I have a dream!!