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My hope is that this web site can help with those issues – can present you with another form of exercise that really does work, but one you can do easily in the privacy of your own home in any odd free time, or even in the lunch break at the office.

Please feel free to read through the site and follow the links throughout the site and the buttons on the right of this page,

If you have further questions - I can be contacted by the email address or email form on the last page.

Maybe your hopes and dreams and will come closer to being fulfilled, as mine have.

But unless you take that first step – you won’t ever know!!

You CAN do it!!

I AM doing it:

You can watch my story in my own words in the video on the next page

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The butterfly represents freedom - the freedom one gets from following a healthy lifestyle and  gaining health, mobility and a zest for living.


Welcome to Chair Exercise Fun

My Story

My Story …over

My Story

Do you want to, or feel you should, lose weight?  Or what’s maybe worse, are people forever hinting that you should lose weight?  Do you feel you should exercise, but either there isn’t enough time in the day, or you can’t afford a gym, or maybe its snowed overnight, or raining and the streets are slippery and you really can’t work up enthusiasm for a walk or run?  

Or maybe you feel you are too old, too obese, too mobility limited, to walk or run, and you really don’t want people “gawking” at you!!

Or even that you really just don’t want to go running or walking but that seems the only exercise that is “proper” exercise!!

Maybe you are –

A Senior


Have balance issues

Have limited mobility

Have vision impairment

Have a temporary disability

Are recovering from illness, injury or surgery

Are an office worker who travels to work in a car, bus or train then works in an office all day

A busy mum with young children, trying to keep the family happy

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“Everyone faces defeat. It may be a stepping-stone or a stumbling block, depending on the mental attitude with which it is faced.” ~Napoleon Hill

You CAN Do It

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